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Healing through hypnosis

"About 85 to 90% of all athletic and peak performance is mental."

"The list of problems that cause you to under-perform is almost as limitless as your potential ability."

Jonathan Hyde Hypnosis

The fitness industry is a 60 billion dollar industry and people take their sports and recreational time very seriously. 

Athletes can be found in many places and in many different forms. You could be on the field, in the mountains or in the water. You want to be the fasted, climb the highest or swim the fasted but something keeps getting in the way of it. And this “something” can come in many forms. It could be a fear of something going wrong, a lack of confidence, stamina, focus or so many other things. The list of problems that cause you to under-perform is almost as limitless as your potential ability. By this time, you’ve exhausted all your physical resources and now your thinking is getting in the way. But that’s the problem. About 85 to 90% of all athletic and peak performance is mental while the remaining 10 to 15% is physical. This is where hypnosis comes in.

With hypnosis, we have the ability to get you in focus, overcome those hurtles, both literally and figuratively and to get you where you want to be. Hypnosis can help you break past those blocks, overcome those fears, build your confidence and visualize yourself doing it perfectly to the point you don’t just believe you can do it, you KNOW you can.

It’s not always about sports. Performance and peak performance can come is so many forms. Not only can you be a football player, but you could be a cheer leader, gymnast, skater, an actor, magician, stand-up comedian or an array of so many things. Anything where you need to physically or mentally perform something, it all falls under the category of “performance”.

As a hypnotherapist that’s certified in Sports Performance and Peak Performance, my goal is to help you to obtain your goal. Whether I’m working with the whole team or one-on-one, hypnosis is the key to help you unlock your true potential!

Sports Performance & Peak Performance