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Healing through hypnosis
John is also a psychic and spiritual teacher and counselor. He's known he was psychic since he was 7 and started practicing it by reading for his classmates in the 7th grade. Since then, people would contact him from all over the world through word of mouth from everyone he's read for and had a huge impact on their lives. 

​He is an empath, clairvoyant, claircognizant and channel. When reading for people, that means he's able to tap into and feel / become your energy and will be able to tell you all about your emotions (empath), will be able to see images in his head of events past, present and future (clairvoyant), will automatically know large amounts of very detailed information, knowledge and wisdom (claircognizant) and can pass on messages from crossed-over loved ones, spirit guides, angels, the universe and God (channel). All of this serves to help you to fully realize and become more conscious of who and what you are so you can shed old belief systems, misconceptions and fears that no longer serve you and live a fuller life with purpose, direction and joy.

Testimonials from past clients can be found on his booking page (link below) and in his facebook group titled "Triad Awakening". Readings last about 40 minutes and are currently $88.


Jonathan Hyde Hypnosis