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Healing through hypnosis

Here's a preview of "The Secret Formula to TRUE Self-Hypnosis"

The Secret Formula to TRUE Self-Hypnosis

Jonathan Hyde Hypnosis

Video 1: What hypnosis is and how it works (24:37 mins)

Video 2: Explaining & Performing Self-Hypnosis (26:07 mins)

​Video 3: Self-Hypnosis walk through

(10:12 mins)

1 hour total

In this 3 part video series, Jonathan will walk you through what hypnosis is, how it works and how to use self-hypnosis to maximize your self-improvement goals. A solid education coupled with years of experience, Jonathan has organized and assembled a step by step guide on learning how to perform TRUE self-hypnosis. This is not your standard self-hypnosis mp3. You don't have to download hundreds of separate audio files to accomplish different things because once you understand how to perform true self-hypnosis, the possibilities are limitless.

Learn Self-Hypnosis

​Learn how to perform TRUE Self-Hypnosis

What hypnosis is
​Learn what hypnosis really is and how exactly it works

Meditation Vs. Self-Hypnosis
​Learn what the difference is and how to optimize your self-hypnosis

Why Self-Hypnosis hasn't worked before
​Learn why Self-Hypnosis may not have worked for you in the past

What Self-Hypnosis can do
​Learn what Self-Hypnosis can and can't help you with

Never fall asleep during Self-Hypnosis again
​Learn why you used to accidentally fall asleep and how to stay awake