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Coronavirus Update as of 8/15/2020:

While some businesses have partially reopened to the public, one on one service based businesses like therapy will continue to operate remotely for the time beting to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. All in-office and in-home sessions will be conducted remotely via facetime, phone or Skype. Remote sessions are perfectly safe and equally effective as being in person. In addition to that savings, I am also offering a 15% discount to any nurses, doctors or any other front-line medical staff that risks their life and health in service of others. More info regarding this discount can be found here. This measure is being taken to ensure the safety of both the client and therapist. If you have any questions, please call or text the number above or email john@jhhypnosis.com. This message will be kept up-to-date with the latest news and orders by state and federal officials. To remain current on the situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic, please visit covid19.ca.gov. In the meantime, please remember to thoroughly wash your hands and be mindful of everything you touch in public. Stay safe and healthy out there. -Jonathan Hyde, C.Ht.