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Healing through hypnosis

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die" - Budda

Jonathan Hyde Hypnosis

Anger is in everyone. We all get angry about something. It's normal. After all, we're only human. But what if that anger is getting the best of you? What if you find yourself getting more and more angry or holding onto anger to the point it's starting to become a larger part of your personality? Do you have a swear jar that's over flowing with gobs of money? If you find yourself in situations where you couldn't control yourself, if you were screaming at the top of your lungs, if you got a bad case of road rage or even if you got physical at some point, it's probably anger that grew so large inside you and needed to find a way to vent it's self out and escape. There are healthy ways to vent that anger and frustration and we all know there's unhealthy ways too.

"I just couldn't control myself", "it was like I was watching myself in the third-person", "I became a monster and I didn't like what I saw". These are all things people have said about being in a state of anger and sometimes to the point of rage. When you find that your anger is starting to take over you or sometimes controls you, hypnosis can help you to control your anger, lower the anger and even get you to the point that you don't get angry in those situations that used to set you off.

Anger can be aroused by different situations in different people and can often be a mask for deeper problems. In therapy, we will work together to find out what your source of anger is so you can take your life back. Depending on your personality and outlook, we can use therapeutic imagery, direct and indirect suggestions, desensitization and a whole range of techniques so you can lower your frustration, lengthen your temper and get those emotions under control. Anger and frustration comes from your subconscious mind. Logic, reasoning, analytical skills, decision making and will power are all located in your conscious mind. When you find that your subconscious is starting to take over your consciousness, hypnosis is here to help you to get your control back.

Anger, Temper, Frustration & Aggression